Coated Microplates and Tissue Culture Ware for Cell Culture Applications

Coatings BioMedTech provides for Cell Culture applications include the following and more:

Cell-Specific Coatings
Basement Membrane Matrix
Custom Coatings
and More . . . . . .

Microplates, TC-Labware & Vessel Options

BioMedTech coats all brands and formats of microplates, multiwell plates, flasks, inserts, dishes, roller bottles and multilayered bioproduction vessels:

96-Well Plates100 mm Dishes      Multiple-Layer FlasksRoller Bottles
384-Well Plates65 mm DishesT-175 FlasksCulture Inserts
1536-Well Plates35 mm DishesT-75 FlasksSlides
3456-Well Plates6-Well DishesT-25 FlasksCustom Coatings
Glass-Bottom Plates      12-Well DishesBioproduction Vessels      and More . . . .
Low-Volume Plates24-Well Dishes
Strip-Well Plates48-Well Dishes

A Wide Selection of Coated Microplates and Cell Culture Ware Supports Your Basic Research, High-Troughput-Screening Assays and Bioproduction Applications:

Optimization and Custom Coating for Problematic Cell Lines and Primary Cell Types

For special requirements, BioMedTech custom designs cell-specific coatings comprised of complex extra-cellular matrices of networked collagen types, fibronectin, proteoglycans and basement-membrane materials. Performance is optimized for high-throughput screening using cells from our panel of cell lines and primary cell types.

BioMedTech Bar-codes

Coated microplates and TC-ware can be bar-coded according to your exact specifications.

Extensive quality control of coated microplates

Low C.V. are assured via proprietary methods to measure coating uniformity and efficiency. Cell culture testing measures cell attachment, growth and resistance against cell washing.

New Microplate and TC-ware Formats and Platforms

BioMedTech has the capabilities to apply coatings to a variety of novel microplate
and cell culture ware formats:

Low- / Small-Volume
Low- / Reduced-Height
Membrane & Filter Plates
Robotic Friendly
Expanded Surface
Custom Coatings
and More . . . . . .